SEBI Registration No - INH300009914

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“Welcome to Krishna Pathak’s Financial Insight Hub, where we merge financial empowerment with everyday trading knowledge. Here, we don’t just offer recommendations; we explain the rationale behind each trade, making it easy for anyone to learn, regardless of age or gender. Join us to keep learning and improve your knowledge, helping everyone start their learning journey.”

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Dive into the world of financial wizardry with Krishna. Armed with a Post Graduate Diploma in Management and certified as an NSE Financial Goal Planner and NISM- Investment Advisor Level 1, Krishna is not just a Research Analyst (RA REGISTRATION NO- INH300009914) but a seasoned expert with a dynamic background as a Senior Deputy Branch Manager and Deputy Manager.

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Krishna Pathak achieved a significant milestone by obtaining SEBI registration with the registration number INH300009914. Krishna’s journey is marked by recognition from prestigious publications like the Economic Times and Money Control.

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A Sebi registered research analyst

Beyond his accolades at the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) and features on Economic Times and Money Control, Krishna is not just an expert; he’s a life-changer. Join a community committed to your success, where insights go beyond numbers, and lives are transformed every day

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